Reefstream’s ITFS / ITFN (International Toll Free Service / International Toll Free Numbers) is a service that delivers free phone numbers to your customers no matter where in the world they are wanting to call from.

Reefstream Network Services can provide intelligent automated call routing; we do this in a number of way; by time of day, day of week or organisation county from over 100 countries worldwide. What sets us apart from other providers is the speech quality of our calls. Reefstream can guarantee a high quality connectivity using our N+1 redundant set up which means Reefstream can always provide you with your calls.

Reefstream’s value added services offer features such as; fax to email conversion, auto operator, time of day and day of the week routing, real-time reporting suite via our web portal, specialist reports as international demographic reports and also emergency routing options. Reefstream can deliver calls to as many country call centres as your business requires.

With Reefstream’s ITFS numbers, customers know that there company is gaining the benefits of having a global representation at a very competitive price. ITFS can be provided for use in most countries. Customers can be certain that there business will benefit from the global service that a ITFS system brings with it.

  •     Free phone numbers which are both easy to remember and also easy to advertise
  •     A personalised pre-connection welcome message to greet all potential customers
  •     Reefstream’s ITFS allows customers to leverage their advertising efforts by marketing the free phone numbers in countries where they do not have a physical    presence
  •     The ITFS service is available in over 100 countries worldwide

Reefstream create customised personal web portals for their clients along with customised emergency routing, inbound CLI/ANI blocking, customer managed emergency messaging portal and real time UIFN call reporting