EoFTTC (Ethernet FTTC)

EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet) is the next generation on from Fibre Broadband, offering superfast broadband with non-contended lines with guaranteed fix SLA’s. This product is ideal for businesses for whom 24/7 access to the internet is critical, at a constant bandwidth but at a competitive price.

The product utilises new ‘superfast’ broadband rollout and provides high quality Ethernet connectivity of up to 80Mb. Reefstreams New Ethernet over FTTC product.

As the product guarantees line contention this ensures that the line speed quoted is what you will get every day, even at peak times and regardless of how many people are using the internet.

Key Features include

• Guaranteed up to 20Mbps Symmetrical Speeds
• Bandwidth guaranteed even during peak times
• Uncontended lines
• Unlimited data usage
• Fast provisioning
• UK local support
• Future proof
• Downstream each line has the capability to have up to 80Mbps depending on the length of the copper.
• Uncontended on the symmetrical speed element
• Service is to be delivered as a Layer 2 Ethernet service
• Electrical connectivity for NTE at the End User’s site will be AC power.
• The NTE will provide a RJ45 connection to the CPE